What makes parrots so intelligent?

All cross-border commercial trade in wild-caught african grey parrots is now banned. Lori deleo is a licensed psychotherapist from the u.S. She is caregiver for two greys and one yellow naped amazon parrot and utilizes them for psychoeducation with clients. In south africa, the last decade saw an increase in captive breeding of african grey parrots, but demand for wild birds has continued, martin explained. As always, a pet bird cage stocked with toys and things to do will keep an african grey happy.

Six years ago, we (elaine henley, clinical animal behaviorist and lori deleo, psychotherapist) made our first journey to uganda with the hope of seeing grey parrots in the wild. Anytime birds undergo a lot of training … behaviors like transferring tokens can become automatic,” says jennifer vonk , a cognitive psychologist at oakland university who wasn’t involved in the study.

Parent-raised african gray chicks are considered to be better adjusted than those raised entirely by humans. The congo african grey parrot (psittacus erithacus erithacus) weighs 435 to 500 grams, measures 13 inches in size and has a red tail. Another positive development is last year’s decision made by the convention on international trade in endangered species (cites) to place blue and gold macaw birds for sale on appendix I, ending the international trade in wild grey parrots for commercial purposes.

However, both types of parrots are generally referred to as african grey parrots. Owners and bird aviculturists often count african grey parrots among the best talkers. We tested the birds without a partner present, consequently, no one on the other side could exchange the token for food. African grey parrots can live for over 50 years and demand a lot of attention, martin explained.

That’s where the remaining large populations of congo grey parrots are, and that’s certainly where large volumes of grey parrots have been trapped recently,” martin said. Not surprisingly, baby parrots have a particularly hard time surviving the capture and transport process, according to martin. Both parrot species in our study are threatened by extinction in the wild as a result, we conducted the study with captive parrots belonging to the loro parque foundation, a spanish conservation non-governmental organisation, in tenerife.

Johnnie and elaine met a local woman whose garden regularly serves as a breeding and roosting area for the local greys; and, mama” and her family welcome and protect their visiting feathered friends and human visitors, too. But even the most charitable african greys didn’t transfer tokens willy-nilly. The reason so many wild african grey parrots are being trapped and sold is because of their high popularity as pets, which has a lot to do with their intelligence and ability to talk” to their owners.

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